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RCM is currently coordinating disposition efforts on over 300 units for private equity investors and our own privately funded portfolio.

RCM takes a measured approach to coordinating property dispositions. We generally evaluate three initial options to maximize value for selling any particular asset: retail sale to owner occupant, selling to an institutional investor as yield product, and selling to smaller foreign investors. We consider a range of factors, from rental value versus retail value, to occupancy status of property and property condition.


If a property has a greater retail value than its cap rate value, we take a detailed look at the subject property and comparable sales and determine an ideal level of rehab that will allow our client to maximize net proceeds.


RCM has bought on behalf of multiple private equity funds and competed daily against all others. We have deep, granular knowledge on the underwriting guidelines of various funds and experience in knowing which group will pay the most for a specific asset.

Net yield, price point, vintage, quality of neighborhood, and proximity to MSA density are common factors used to select the best fund for a particular asset.


We have sold thousands of properties over the last five years to Australian, Chinese, European, South African, and Israeli buyers. Each market has unique investment motivations and concerns and our experience indicates which markets have the greatest appetite for specific products.

The experience to help you gain maximum value

Our approach combines the ability to granularly determine value on an individual asset basis, direct relationships with all major institutional buyers, and unique access and experience with foreign markets.

While real estate brokers generally take the approach of listing a home on the market and seeing what happens, we know who your buyer is generally going to be, create markets that don’t exist to the average seller, and are able to expedite the sales process and minimize costs associated with the transaction.

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