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RCM understands that single family property management is an undeveloped yet crucial service in this new long-term asset class. With that knowledge RCM entered the property management space foreseeing the opportunity within our own larger portfolio of rental properties that were underperforming with various 3rd party providers, capitalizing the need to improve economic occupancy.

With years of deep experience in the property management industry, RCM offers an advantage over competitors through financial reporting and owner communication segments of our business to support the needs of large sophisticated investors.

The remainder of our property management business is built around servicing our residents. We maintain a positive and consistent relationship with our tenants, which improves our ability to collect, renew leases, and keep properties in better condition.

After considering several industry programs like Yardi, Propertyware, and Appfolio we realized that each software package had significant limitations in terms of meeting the needs of our clients and our own company. RCM has since established a proprietary software application that fully manages this asset class, filling in the task oriented details that all other platforms lack. Additionally a dedicated task manager monitors and tracks the details and logistical challenges of the single-family property management side of our business through our proprietary software.


Property Maintenance

RCM is committed to the continuous care of our clients properties

Residential Capital Management employs highly skilled field technicians, known for their fast response times, accurate estimates, and incredible customer service. Whether you have a standard work order or an emergency that requires immediate..

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Property Preservation

RCM offers a full array of property preservation services

Residential Capital Management provides an array of services to improve the value of any single-family asset, evaluate properties, and protect investors from unforeseen liability. RCM has designed and developed a proprietary software system ..

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